The Importance of the Hub and Spoke Method

In every company, especially large entities, there are different departments that are dedicated to handling certain aspects of the business. For example, the sales are is in charge of generating and maintain new and current clients or customers. The marketing are is in charge of creating new and exciting ways to advertise and market the brand of the company. Customer service assists inquiries from customers to troubleshoot any issues and provide resolutions to the problems and ask for suggestions to help improve their services or products.

The role of digital analytics in marketing help streamline information not only from B2C, business to consumer, but internally as well. The hub and spoke method is an important model to use within a company to break down information silos and avoid miscommunication between departments. The content that is inputted on a user friendly platform for all to access should be rich in content and easy to navigate.

For example, at my current company we have a digital platform called Knowledge Base that houses information for all departments to access. The customer service team can access case contacts for insurance carriers, dedicated account managers, as well as add content on their as well for certain topics that others can search for if the question comes up again in the future. This platform is extremely helpful for new hires who can access this database to try and determine the answer to their questions before reaching out to other team members, which is also encouraged.

By having a database of knowledge be available and easy to access for all departments, it makes communication easier and also transparent, causing less confusion. This is the core element for digital analytics. When companies have a digital platform that houses, organizes, and analyzes data that can help bridge the information gap between departments, it creates a cohesive environment and breaks down miscommunication.

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