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“I am woman, hear me roar,” as Helen Reddy so famously sang. Women were the focal point of the 2013 Under Armour marketing campaign that launched the brand into a new market segment. This was a market segment that had been targeted by Under Armours top competitor, Adidas, however the campaign for Adidas did not compare to the success of Under Armour.

Some key characteristics of developing a strong market segment are:

  1. Focused, but significant: the point of targeting a market segment is to go after a specific type of consumer that is large in numbers and worth creating in order to gain revenue.
  2. Differentiable: each market segment must be distinguished from each other and be able to respond to different marketing approaches and strategies.
  3. Relevant: the market segment should be structured in a way that the knowledge aids in the business model and marketing goals.
  4. Actionable: It must be possible for a marketing team to create strategies which will effectively attract and serve the segment.
  5. Stable: stability is the most important in executing a long-term strategy for a market segment. If the market segment is likely to change in composition or purchase inclination over time, the effort that is put into that particular segment is less likely to succeed than if that segment is stable.

I think a great market segment to focus on would be campers and outdoors-men and women. Given the current state of our world, more people are embracing the outdoors and not taking it for granted after being hunkered down for months. By using this market segment to create a campaign that focuses on the beauty of nature and why it is so great to spend time with nature, it could be greatly beneficial to the brand.

What draws people into camping are to be able to connect with nature and disconnect with technology. By creating a campaign that can be in print, TV and on social media, it can encourage the audience to put down their phones and spend the weekend with family or friends sitting around a camp fire enjoying each others company. Now more than ever would be a great time to launch a campaign like this because of how important we are as a human race realizing the power of human connection and human contact. Being isolated at home relying on technology can be detrimental to our mental health. By honing in on that idea and importance of being together in nature, it will draw people in.

Under Armour is a fantastic brand with great potential and by expanding into different market segments that are under served, the brand will only grow more.

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Welcome to my blog! I am Kelly, and I am marketing major at SNHU and I've created this forum for all of my marketing blog posts that are required throughout my program.

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